It’s Fragile X Awareness Month

Fragile X Awareness Month Information

The internet provides us with incredible opportunities to spread the message that it’s Fragile X Awareness Month. Let’s use it to good effect and pass on information to help others learn about Fragile X.

See the Fragile X Awareness Facebook Page for images that you can share.

The more that know about Fragile X, more children will be diagnosed, and get the treatment and support they need, to lead more fulfilled, happier lives. More adults with FXTAS and FXPOI will be helped.

I dread to think of what life would be like now, for my son and my family, if I hadn’t known. I shudder to think of what behavioral and medical problems he’d have and how unhappy he’d be. My own life, without treatment for my own carrier symptoms, doesn’t bear thinking about.

For the first 4 years of my son’s life, I didn’t know what was wrong with him, or me. It was a miserable, worrying time. We spent so much of our time at doctor’s offices, dealing with his ongoing or latest health problem. His development delays and behavioral issues were put down to ill health, allergies and ear infections.

I was diagnosed with post natal depression, when he was 9 months, but now I realize it was an extreme version of the anxiety I’d suffered throughout my life, combined with early menopause. My own Fragile X carrier symptoms.

My son was nearly 4 before the doctor’s agreed that there was a real problem. He’d reached the normal milestone but only just. He was my 3rd child and even as a baby it was obvious to me things weren’t right but I was a mum with anxiety so who’d believe me.

Finally he was referred to a pediatrician who told me that my son did have development delays, that he would never catch up and that we’d never know why. That was it. No talk of any testing, no talk of therapies. I doubt he’d even heard of Fragile X. I was devastated.I suppose I’d always thought there would be a solution.

Six months down the track I found another pediatrician who specialized in disabilities. He knew just enough about Fragile X to order the DNA test. When it came back positive, he referred me to another mother to find out more.

Nowadays it’s different. There are support and research organizations and some dedicated Fragile X clinics. There’s published information, online and in books.

Fragile X Guide for ParentsUnderstanding Fragile X Syndrome: A Guide for Families and Professionals

But, there are still many, even in the medical profession, who know little or nothing about Fragile X despite it being the most common known form of inherited intellectual disability.

Please join in Fragile X Awareness month and spread the word. You can find Awareness Month images to share on our Facebook Page

For information on spreading the message online please read How To Increase Awareness For A Cause  on my own blog.

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Fragile X Awareness Month US & Australia

The National Fragile X Foundation  (NFXF) have produced this wonderful video to celebrate the 12th Annual US Fragile X Awareness Day



The NFXF invited families to share how those affected by fragile X-associated disorders are more than their diagnosis.

You can see all the submitted stories and images entitled “Tales of Self Determination” on the 2011 awareness section of their website. Every image included in the above video was taken from  “Tales of Self-Determination”

Fragile X Tales of Self Determination

This year,the National Fragile X Foundation are celebrating “Awareness Month” by inviting parents and carers to share how those affected by Fragile X are more than their diagnosis. The intention is to show all the ways that those with Fragile X are all unique, self-determining individuals.

Please take some time to read some of these inspiration stories which are accompanied by images on the NFXF Awareness Day Site.