Site Updates Google Alerts Fragile X Syndrome

I have just added two Google Alerts Fragile X Syndrome lists to the bottom of the site pages. The first one is Google Alerts Fragile X News which searches Google for recent news that mentions Fragile X Syndrome. The second,  Google Alerts Fragile X Blogs, searches blogs with recent posts mentioning Fragile X Syndrome. If you click on the links above or the headings of the lists below you will be taken to the full results page. You can filter the news feed for results by country.

How To Create Your Own Google Alerts

If you would like to keep up with news related to Fragile X Syndrome you can create your own alerts which can be delivered to your email daily or added to a Feed reader. To create an alert:

Go to the Google Alerts Page and log in with your Google id email address.

  • Add the search query. “Fragile X Syndrome” including the quotation marks. You will then be able to see your results next to the form. If you just add “Fragile X” you may get more results but some of these may not be relevant. I choose to use “Fragile X”
  • Choose what you want to search from the choices of Everything, News, Blogs, Videos, Discussions, Books. For my own personal email alert I choose Everything. The results pane will update to show results for each of these options.
  • Choose how often you want the results delivered to your email: daily, weekly or as they happen. I choose the daily option.
  • Choose whether you want to be alerted on “Only the Best Results” or “All Results”. The search results pane will show you which links each option produces
  • Choose whether you want your results sent to you by email or to your Google RSS feed. If you want both options, create two separate alerts.

You can change your options anytime by logging into your Google Account and choosing Manage Your Alerts from the  Google Alerts Page.

I am keen on getting news about Fragile X Syndrome both for personal use and for this website and my Fragile X Syndrome Facebook Page and find these alerts really useful.

New Fragile X DVD and Animation

The Fragile X Associaton of Australia have recently produced a DVD entitled “Understanding Fragile X ”  It is aimed at providing useful advice and information from health professionals and poignant insights from families living with Fragile X.

The DVD which has been uploaded to Vimeo can be viewed below:

 Understanding the Fragile X syndrome from Fragile X Association on Vimeo.

They have also produced an animation providing a simple and concise representation of the genetics of Fragile X.