Mission to Lars

Mission to Lars’ is documentary film about Tom Spicer, a man affected by Fragile X Syndrome,  who goes on a journey from the UK to USA to meet his long time hero, Lars Ulrich of Metallica.
The film’s three goals are entertainment, awareness raising and fund raising with all profits going to the UK charity Mencap.
Tom is accompanied on the journey by the producer and inspiration behind the movie, his sister Kate, who says in her fascinating blog:

“If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard Tom say, “Wanna meet him Kate, wanna meet Lars”, I’d be able to pay for a new eardrum to replace the one he’s worn thin with his incessant pleading”

I can relate to this; my own son’s current obsession being Aussie Rules Football.

Tom’s brother Will is co-director and one of the movie’s camermen.

Here is the movie trailer:

Mission to Lars – Intro from spicerandmoore on Vimeo.

Mission To Lars will be screened at Picturehouse cinemas in the UK in June. I am looking forward to a DVD release.

You can read all about Tom, the journey and the lead up to and making of the movie on Kate Spicer’s the blog “Mission to Lars” and follow Mission to Lars on Facebook

Fragile X Awareness Month US & Australia

The National Fragile X Foundation  (NFXF) have produced this wonderful video to celebrate the 12th Annual US Fragile X Awareness Day



The NFXF invited families to share how those affected by fragile X-associated disorders are more than their diagnosis.

You can see all the submitted stories and images entitled “Tales of Self Determination” on the 2011 awareness section of their website. Every image included in the above video was taken from  “Tales of Self-Determination”